US Elite Combat – World Fighting Federation – Ralphy Pacheco -Promo Event at Buffalo Wild Wings

Promo Event for Ralphy “No Mercy” Pacheco and WFF29 at Casino Del Sol July 23

US Elite Combat and World Fighting Federation would like to thank Buffalo Wild Wings on Irvington &I19 in Tucson, Arizona, and most of all to the Mix Martial Arts Fans that showed up to watch UFC 200.Had a great service and support from Team BDubs. Thank you to Fernando who was our server. We had a great night of fights.

We appreciate you.

Thank you to our long time Partnerships & Sponsors : Heart & Soul Web Design,

Buffalo Wild Wings, Arizona Cottons, Centerline Wraps, Mastadon Mouthguard, Tattoos by Kyle Eaton, Pacheco Pixels. Our newest Sponsors: Arriaga’s Home Furniture, Mouthguard Max, Nutrasumma, Fight Ready Gym in Scottsdale, and Julioberto’s & Cortes Boxing Gym in Phoenix.

To Support Ralphy Pacheco Please Order

Ticket Information : Please Call 520-878-8778 and to Order the Official Ralphy No Mercy Pacheco Fight Shirt.

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