US Elite Combat Management has a CEO Change in Command for 2014- Donald J Royer SR

Christian Claudio Announced that he would be relinquishing his role as CEO of US Elite Combat effective Jan 1, 2014.

All CEO and CFO Duties, Responsibilities and Company’s Vision will be in the hands of Donald J Royer SR.

Donald J Royer SR

“The Athletes that I represent, know I do this for them. I love this sport and have the deepest passion for what I do.

I believe in Relationships and Partnerships. I have that hard work Midwest Mentality. “

Promoters , Matchmakers that are interested in any US Elite Combat Fighter. We are running business as usual. Email : or or Call 520-878-8778

Sponsors and Business Partners we are excited what 2014 is bringing.

Thank You : Buffalo Wild Wings-Arizona, Diamond MMA, Mastadon Mouthguards, Defense Soap, Fight 2 Night, Titin Tech, Centerline Wraps & 520.Com, Arizona Cottons, No Mercy Customs, Enlisted Nine, Kyle Eaton , Pacheco Pixels, Fight Church -Pastor Boyd and Life Coach -Chris Lembeck.

I Appreciate and Value your support to Team US Elite.

Potential Partners ,Sponsors and Interns we have been laying down a foundation for Team US Elite Combat. If your are interested in being part of Company who is truly cares about your company partnership. Email :

US Elite Combat’s  Values :

Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Humility, Diversity and Faith

Inspire, Hardwork, Dedication, and Challenge – Yourself

We value the relationships, strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others, and we recognize our own limitations. We are committed to partnering effectively with our Athletes, Sponsors & Partners and Potential Business Partners to ensure that our work advances the broader good for all parties.

Thank You

Don- Founder

US Elite Combat