UFC Fight Night 42 in Albuquerque Flyweight Division Shake Up

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UFC Fight Night 42 ABQ

John “The Magician” Dodson III vs John “ChicanoJohn” Moraga

As we get ready for two of the the Top Flyweights with speed and power.

John Dodson 16-6 is the #3 flyweight in UFC .

John has 2 wins by submission,  6 wins by decision and 7 by the way of KO.

John is a very animated inside and outside the ring. A wrestler by nature with speed and

power will take on John Moraga 14-2 is the #5 flyweight in UFC.

John is also a former D1 wrestler from Arizona State.

John Moraga has 6 wins be submission, 6 by decision and 2 by the way of KO.

Both of these two fighters have been fighting in the Southwest Circuit for sometime.

There has been one fighter who has been waiting for his opportunity in the UFC.

Matt “Legg Br8ker” Betzold who also has been fighting the Southwest circuit and has never

fought either Mix Martial Artist. Why?

Maybe because Matt is the One Legged ass kicking machine.

Matt being a 2x World Champion Grappler is ready. Matt is 5-0 as a flyweight has a lossed to

two fighters The Late Freddie Lux & Anthony Birchak at Bantamweight.

Birchak who is the current Maximum Fighting Championship Bantamweight Champion.

Birchak has already beaten UFC Ryan Benoit

Inside MMA best of the Week.

According to UFC’s Roster they only has two other undefeated fighters listed in the flyweight division

Justin Scroggins 9-0 and Roldan Sangcha-an 4-0.

Looks like someone has gotten under someone’s skin.


Sean Shelby and Dana White let’s make this happen at UFC 176 in Phoenix, Arizona.


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