UFC’s Conor McGregor Unacceptable Behavior and Antics is in Hot Water Again

For a multibillion dollar corporation with numerous homosexual fighters on their roster, such incidents are going to be increasingly problematic for the Ultimate Fighting Championships.
William Morris Endeavor who are the Owners of UFC have yet to make a comment.
One Strike, 2 Strike, 3 Strikes Where is the outrage? Should be fired!
With clients of the LGBT Community such as : Rosie ODonnell @Rosie, Queen Latifah @IAMQUEENLATIFAH, Whoopi Goldberg @whoopigoldberg , Ellen Page @ellenpage , ……….
WME let go Mel Gibson for his Racial Slurs. Why wouldn’t they let go of McGregor his homophobic & racial comments?
McGregor got into hot water over the summer, during the promotional tour for the fight with Mayweather when he made controversial racial remarks. McGregor took heat for telling Mayweather to “dance for me, boy.” He attempted to explain that away, in a joking fashion, by saying on stage during the Brooklyn tour stop that he couldn’t possibly be racist, because he was “black from the waist down.” He then did a gyrating dance that he said was for his “beautiful black female fans.”
When do sponsors drop him? @AnheuserBusch @MonsterEnergy @beatsbydre @Apple
These USA sponsors could find an American Athlete to sponsor with much better character.
Is this the standard for sponsored athletes?
November 10, 2017
Mohegan Tribe commission has released statement, describing Conor McGregor incident in Dublin last night at Bellator MMA. Says McGregor “jeopardized the health and safety” of fighters and “assaulted” referee Marc Goddard. McGregor being charged with assault.