UFC Ultimate Fighter TUF24 Ep 1 Recap

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World Champions versus World Champions

Missed last’s #TUF24 premiere. Here our recap.

In night 1 seedings were placed, although rankings are just rankings.

Brandon Moreno a fighter who held the World Fighting Federation comes from Tijuana, Mexico training here in Scottsdale at Fight Ready Gym as close personal friend and training partner of Henry Cejudo. Brandon was ranked 16th and was matched up against Henry’s number 1 pick. Alexandre Pantoja. Surprisingly enough in round 1, Brandon was doing amazing footwork and back and fourth fight, but really winning round 1. As the second round starts it was much the same, Brandon kept the fight on the feet was winning the 2nd round, both fighters were warriors going back and fourth again. With very little time remaining Alexandre changed his game plan scored a takedown and gaining Brandon’s back and submitting him with the round coming to a end winning by rear naked choke. These warriors showed amazing heart and why they are World Champions in their respective organization.

In the second fight Australian Kai “Don’t Blink” Kara France versus Alaska’s Terrence Mitchell. Terrence was on a 8 win streak. Kai who moved from Australia to Thailand and was picked on Tiger Muay Thai. Kai wasted no time in dismantling Terrence in the first round. Kai had the eye of the tiger.

Professional Athletes wanting to succeed.

As you watch the journey of these athletes. You need to get rid of negativity and poison in your fight career. Put yourself around positive people and champions if you want to succeed. 

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