UFC Request for Permit to Co-Promote Mayweather-McGregor Event

MMA’s leading organization UFC has made a request with the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) to Co-Promote the anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather (49-0) vs. Conor McGregor (0-0) boxing match Aug. 26 in Las Vegas.
Anyone else see when Zuffa sold UFC to WME-IMG, is now promoting/branding Zuffa Boxing? I wonder if Reebok is part of the deal?

On Aug 16 the Nevada Athletic Commission has several things to rule on:
1.) Permit for UFC to Co-Promote
2.) License McGregor for Boxing
3.) Mayweather must re-apply only because he is over 38 years old.
4.) Vote on the 8 oz gloves rather than the 10 0z gloves.

The numbers don’t lie, so I’m quite sure City in all in favor of the economic stimulus that it would bring in. Let alone the hotels, restaurants, and gambling will be at all time high. Would be the cherry on the top for the Sin the City.

Let’s hope the state of Nevada is also taking into account the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act
1.) Not governed by any league
2.) I’m quite sure the state officials are aware of the contracts
3.) Promoters are taking advantage of the sport by dishonest business affairs. Ya think
4.) Rating Systems are subjected to manipulation by those in charge.
* McGregor is 2-1 in his last 3 MMA fights. UFC considers McGregor a P4P, that is looks like manipulation of rankings, and sinceMcGregor has never fought a professional boxing match. Though the man he is boxing is truly and factually the P4P best boxer on the planet today and maybe ever. *
By now we all know UFC has higher an attorney to fight the Ali Act for Mix Martial Arts.
It’s about the athlete, so clearly this should be talked about more. I know that the fighters and other members of the mix martial arts community have attempted to look into the Union for the fighters.
Fighters put their lives on the line, the only thing you can hope is that you still fit into the rankings and do not get cut. So it would be definitely be in the best interest of the athletes to band together on the Muhammad Ali Act.