Sweet Sweat vs Albolene *Weight Cutting* Sound Off

Sweet Sweat vs Albolene

Many high level athletes boxers, wrestlers and mix martial artists utilize these two products to assist them in cutting that extra bit of weight off.  Some will say you sweat more using Albolene and some have shown a thermal usage showing sweet sweat works better, only after increasing your heart rate.

One may say it’s a Moisturizer while for the most part they carry the same ingredients.


Sweet Sweat – $25 for 6.4 oz

Albolene – #12 for 12 oz

What is your preference?

I say put your diet plan together and put the work in !!!

You choose

Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat

White Snow Petrolatum ( Moisture to treat Radiation or diaper rash),

Kosher Brazilian Carnauba Wax (Car Wax- Shoe Polish),

Acai (Fruit),

Pomegranate (fruit),

Coconut Oils (great for baking, can help speed weight loss),

Kosher Jojoba (Plant Wax),

Camelina (Used for biofules and biolubricant) ,

Squalane Oils (is a hydrocarbon and a triterpene, and is a natural and vital part of the synthesis of all plant and animal sterols, including cholesterol, steroid hormones, and vitamin D in the human body.

Squalene is used in cosmetics, and more recently as an immunologic adjuvant in vaccine)

Aloe Vera Extract (Cosmetic and healing),

Tocopheryl Acetate (Acetic Acid)

Vitamin E,


Over 9 Ingredients 

A lot of oils and fragrances




Mineral Oil (Odorless),

Petrolatum (Healing- Cure all),

Paraffin (refined min oil),

Ceresin (Wax),

Beta Carotene (Helps dead skin fall off- reduces cancer)

5 Ingredients


***** Both Products are Petro-based agent are to increase heat and sweat.  while one of the other products contain more ingredients look to be cosmetic and fragrance enhancers *****