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After watching the Grammy’s, where is this country headed.

If Kanye West can set up a Go Fund Me account for being in debt Millions of Dollars.


With very little Character, and very disrespectful to women, and people in general.

Does he deserve funding help? I say Hell 2 the No, I think there are more deserving folks out there.

His crude, degradable and facetiousness comments made towards Taylor Swift.

So why not donate to a real gofundme person who really deserves it.


An aspiring entrepreneur who loves helping athletes follow and reach their dreams, making it into MMA’s Biggest Organizations like UFC , BellatorWorld Series of FightingWorld Fighting FederationLegacy and other Regional and Local Shows.

It’s a tough road, these fighters have families to feed, and basic life necessities. They are the lowest paid professional athletes.

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I too have dreams and goals as well as a clothing apparel line that I would like funding for.

I’ve had my nose to the grind and could use any help.

Thank you


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