“Shamrock: Bound By Blood” Tells the Emotional Story of Frank Shamrock and His Dramatic Journey from Imprisoned Teen to World Champion

From Spike TV:

Frank Shamrock Confronts His Past

US Elite Combat Management was impressed with Spike TV and Frank Shamrock to show Frank’s life. Nothing off limits. Great Show US Elite Combat Co-Owner  Donald J Royer Sr who was also a Adopted and understands what is was to grow up in Foster Homes and moved around until someone takes you in and gives you a name. Safety,Trust and Love is what your looking for. Make a difference, change people’s lives.

New York, NY, October 9, 2013 – “Shamrock: Bound By Blood,” premiering on Spike TV Thursday, October 10 at 11:00pm ET/PT is a compelling look at the life of one the true legends in mixed martial arts, Frank Shamrock.  The documentary takes viewers on an unforgettable journey into Frank’s tumultuous past from his remarkable fighting career to his turbulent personal life including delving into issues of alcoholism, domestic violence, and a damaged relationship with his adopted brother Ken.

Among the notable moments, anecdotes, and quotes featured in “Shamrock: Bound by Blood” include:

An emotional on-camera meeting between estranged adopted brothers Frank and Ken. In their often-heated discussion, they talk about actually getting in the ring and fighting.

A reunion between Frank and his brother Perry who is homeless and lives under an overpass near Redding, CA.

Frank met Ken at a juvenile home from troubled youths run by Bob Shamrock.  Bob later adopted both Ken and Frank.

Frank began drinking at 7 years old and was abused by an alcoholic stepfather.

Frank didn’t attend Bob’s funeral, a decision he regrets tremendously. In their meeting, Ken angrily calls him a coward for not going.

“My biggest physical accomplishment was beating Tito” – Frank Shamrock

“Frank always thought he was too cool for school and people should worship the ground he walked on – and I didn’t like that.” – Tito Ortiz

“That’s why Frank became a world champion…that’s why Frank he is the man he is today” – Ken Shamrock on the brutal training techniques at Lion’s Den.

“After beating Frank, I went to his Corner and said get up Your a Legend ““I Am Frank Shamrock in a way” – Nick Diaz (on his fight with Frank)

Among those featured in the documentary include Mickey Rourke, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Mauro Ranollo, Nick Diaz, Bas Rutten, John McCarthy, Javier Mendez, Tonya Shamrock, Luke Thomas, and Lance Foreman.

“Shamrock: Bound By Blood” is executive produced for Spike TV by Jon Gerstel, Jay Peterson, Todd Lubin, and Dave Larzelere of Matador.

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