RITC 175: Super Bouts Prescott Valley Center: Meet the Fighters Q & A

By US Elite Combat Management

Super Bowl – Super Fight

Saturday, January 31st 2015. Prescott Valley Event Center. Go to www.rageinthecage.com to get tickets or call 866-443-8849.

Fights start at 6. After Party follows immediately in the lounge inside of PVEC.

-Call Bucky’s Casino for room reservation. Mention Rage in the Cage for a group discount.

-Pre-fight Party and Weigh-in will be at Bucky’s Casino in Prescott. 8 Miles from the venue. Friday, January 30th at 5pm until Midnight. Hang out with the fighters and Rage Babes. You can win gaming vouches, RITC gear and more!

Q & A

Veteran RITC Fighter Ray Robinson takes on local hometown hero Danny Hilton.

Ray Robinson


Q1) So your taking on Danny Hilton?

A1) Yes sir I am fighting Danny Hilton in his home town on January 31st.

What do you know about him?

Well from what I hear he is a jitz cat and trains under Edwin Dewees, I have seen a few different films on him so I kind of have a feel for the way he puts things together. I do expect him to be game this fight for various reasons he is coming off a two fight slump, he is fighting in his home town, and we are both gunning for a rematch for the feather weight title with David Nuzzo. So this should be a solid fight.

Q2) So how has your camp been for this fight?

A2) It’s been Chill you know just some wrestling adding some more grappling to keep me crisp, I’ve been working on my stand up doing more footwork.

Q3.) Your coming off a tough loss to David Nuzzo, did you learn anything from that fight?

A3) Well…. I learned that…. I need to just knock dudes out.

Q4) You’re a big Fan Veteran of Rage in the Cage. What can your fans expect .

A4)My family, friends and fans can expect me to go 100, I can’t say I make plans because I’m an instinctual fighter I am here finish fights. I will adapt and I will put on a show.

Most importantly though I will show all of the people that believe and support me we can do this damn thing. 2015 should be a crazy year.

Q5) Anybody you would like to thank?

A5) First I would like to thank God for giving me the abilities to chase my dream.

My entire family for being supportive of the crazy things I do in life,

my coach Kevin Kessler,

The Black hole fight team for helping me prepare for my fight,

I also want to indirectly thank everyone who has supported me along the way in my career just too many to name because so many great people have blessed me with opportunities.

Danny Hilton


Q1) So your taking on Ray Robinson? What do you know about him?

A1) yes Ray Robinson I don’t know a whole lot I know he’s beat a couple tough guys and lost to a few as well .. He’s seems like a well rounded confident martial artist ..

Q2) So looking at your fight record, looks like you took some time off this year? Did you have a injury?

A2) ya I took some time off I had lost a fight had to rethink things and in doing so I also injured my back in training and went through the run around with doctors and second opinions for a year but i kept at it healing and training hard again and feeling great! It was nice to take time from competing and fine tune some things

Q3) You must be pumped about getting back into the cage.

A3) I am super pumped to head line a fight in my home town of Prescott not to mention all the time off .. I feel like some people may have forgot about me but I don’t think that will last long;)

Q4.) For the fans who don’t know you, tell us a little bit about your style of fighting?

A4) I like to think I’m a thoughtful technical fighter I dont just go in there recklessly .. I try to be smart but at the same time I’m mean .. Its more of a controlled aggression

Q5) Anybody you would like to thank?

A5) I want to thank RITC for the opportunity my manager Dallas Hall, Edwin Dewees , Prescott mma gd jiujitsu Prescott all my sponsors and everyone in Prescott this town truly takes care of me its overwhelming the amount of support here.

Super Bout Card 

Matt Frincu vs Joe Gigliotti (Welterweight World Title)

Ray Robinson vs Danny Hilton (145 lbs)

Andres Alcantar vs TBD (170 lbs)

Aaron Wilson vs Collin Dunkley (145 lbs)

Aaron Brown vs TBD

Amateur Bouts

Anthony Wray vs Dante Patrick (lightweight title)

Jose Palencia vs Daniel Byers (135 lbs)

James Cory Mack vs Darrel Denslow (Heavywegiht)

Marcus Brodit vs Ernesto Levya (155 lbs)

Nicholas Salantri vs Valentin Armenta (155 lbs)

Leeander Garcia vs Jeff Nelson (170 lbs)

Josh Aschbrenner vs Mario Bejarano

Josh Rodda vs TBD (160lbs)



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