Ralphy “No Mercy” Pacheco Title Fight

US Elite Combat

Arizona’s finest Mix Martial Arts Promotion World Fighting Federation heads into Tucson Saturday July 25 at Casino Del Sol.

The Promotion is fight feeder for UFC, Bellator and WSOF. image

US Elite Combat Fighter Ralph “No Mercy” Pacheco heads into Amateur Bantamweight Title Fight against Steven Prior.

This time last year Ralph was fighting for his 1st Title Fight in Vegas for the prestigious organization TUFF-N-UFF.

Watch it live : www.WFFMMA.com

US Elite Combat would like to thank:

Bold Warrior , Arizona Cottons, Buffalo Wild Wings -Irvington-Tucson, Tattoo Artist-Kyle Eaton, Pacheco Pixels-Tucson, Diamond MMA and Pastor Joshua Boyd from Fight Church-Las Vegas.


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