One Legged Ass Kicking Contest Continues Matt Betzold wins via submission at XFS

Matt Betzold vs Jimmy Marquez 

Rd 1: Marquez goes for a body kick and Betzold catches it and gets the takedown. Betzold is all over Marquez on the ground and spends the entire time passing guard and landing brutal punches. Marquez does however defend well and makes it out of the round. 10-9 Betzold.

Rd 2: Betzold goes for the takedown but Marquez is able to avoid it. Betzold tries again, but gets it this time. He’s like a leach on Marquez. He is all over Marquez and after some GNP, he finally he gets the RNC. Impressive once again, for Matt Betzold.

Legg Br8ker continues his undefeated streak at 6-0 at flyweight.