NBC Body Slams Olympic Wrestling Coverage

US Elite Combat

First and Foremost we at US Elite Combat would like to Congratulate every Team Member of USA Wrestling Men and Women (Greco-Roman & Freestyle) who competed in the RIO Brazil 2016 Olympic Games.

What began with excitement that Wrestling would have better coverage in the Olympics.

Olympics oldest sport would now get the overdue recognition. The Media / NBC would let us down once again.

Instead it’s about covering swimmer who has lied to the public about a false situation that never happened, for what? Nobody cares about Lochte.

How could NBC not cover one of the most amazing Olympic moments in history, well they could care less.

But you all missed it BIG time.

United States of America needed to hear about the 24 year old Helen Maroulis ending the rein of a 16 Time World Champion and 3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist Saori Yoshida to win the 1st Gold Medal for Team USA Women’s Wrestling.

The Legend and Most Decorated Wrestler taken down by American. Thank you Helen for bringing us an outstanding performance and will be in our hearts forever.

The sport of wrestling is about building character. It’s not a sport where athletes are making Millions of Dollars. The blood, sweat and tears is a way of life. We do the sport for love not money.

Thank you NBC for caring so little and reminding us how much you feel about the sport of wrestling and sharing your own propaganda and ignorance.

NBC CEO John Miller States

“The people who watch the Olympics are not particularly sports fans. More women watch the games than men, and for women they’re less interested in the result and more interested in the journey. It’s sort of like the ultimate reality show and miniseries wrapped into one.”

We at US Elite Combat could not disagree more with Mr Miller.


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