Being a Man- World Cup 2014 by Ben “Funky” Askren

By Ben Askren

It was really the first time I watched soccer all year,” said Askren, “I was really appalled when I am seeing all these guys falling on the ground, rolling around, crying. And then you know the worst part about it is, they show the instant replay and you can tell – most of these guys, they don’t even get hit, they’re faking it.” “When I’m thinking of sports, when I’m thinking of a boy growing up and being a man, I’m thinking of three things – honor, integrity, and toughness. And a grown man, faking an injury, rolling around on the field fails all three of those tests. “There’s no honor in faking an injury. There is no integrity because you are lying about it. And there’s no toughness because you are in front of millions of people, and you’re rolling around on the field, crying – CRYING – about a fake injury that never happened.” “Listen folks, if you want your son to grow up to be a man, don’t have him run around on a field kicking a ball, get him wrestling.”

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But with that being said I agree with a few things Ben hits on.

Faking injuries, the flop, Integrity, Lying. Whatever sport you do, do 110%.

Not sure about the whole man thing.

But I will advocate get your son or daughter into the hardest sport out there Wrestling.

We want you to be part of the oldest sport on earth. Join a team a club.The life lessons you will receive are PRICELESS. This much is true.

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Cheers Donald J Royer Sr