Hey Coach! Why aren’t your football players wrestling too? NFL Players that wrestled

By US Elite Combat | Nov 7 2014

Hey Coach! Why aren’t your football players wrestling too?


1. Work Ethic  2. Intensity  3. Cardio

Forbes Magazine

“Why wrestlers make the best employees”

http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevecooper/2012/07/31/why-wrestlers-make-the-best-employees/The importance of wrestling in Middle School, High School or College. 

“I’m a huge wrestling fan. Wrestlers have so many great qualities that athletes need to have.” – Bob Stoops – Oklahoma Sooners Head Football Coach

Ohio State’s Jim Tressel is one example. “He has stated on more than one occasion to local high school recruits and coaches that he would rather recruit a football player who has a wrestling background than one who doesn’t.”

“I would have all my offensive linemen wrestle if I could.” -John Madden – Hall of Fame NFL Coach

Lewis was clearly intense when speaking about a sport close to his heart, one that he says has made him the ferocious and technically sound NFL player he is today: wrestling.

“That has been my key for a long time,” said Lewis, who won the Florida state title at 189 pounds in 1993 while at Kathleen High School in Lakeland. “Wrestling is still one of the reasons why I swivel my hips; it’s been everything for me.“The principles that you learn in wrestling, none of that changes. It carries over, and if you stick to those things, the low man always wins.[Wrestling] teaches you what most people want to do, which is make your hips and butt work for you,” said Lewis, demonstrating a wrestling shoot position into a one-legged takedown. “You always want to go low; you never want to walk up to an opponent standing up. Everything has to be engaged. You have to be locked and loaded. That is what makes you shift so easy. Football is that natural shoot and tackle.” Ray Lewis


Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens – 2x FL State Champ

Ron Geater, DE, Denver Broncos- Iowa WAMAC Conference Champ

Ronnie Lott, DB, San Francisco 49’ers – Oakland Raiders

Brock Lesnar , Minn Vikings, NCAA Champ & UFC Champ

Patrick Flannery, OL, Houston Oilers

Ed Flanagan, C, Detroit Lions

Terrell Fletcher, RB, San Diego Chargers

Bill Fralic, G, Atlanta Falcons

Doug France, LT, Los Angeles Rams – OH State Runner-Up

Frank Garcia, C, St. Louis Rams – 2x AZ State Champ

William George, Chicago Bears – 2x PA State Champ

Charlie Getty, RG, Kansas City Chiefs – 2x NCAA All-American

John Gilmore, TE, Chicago Bears

Kevin Glover, C, Detroit Lions

La’Roi Glover, DE, Dallas Cowboys

Mike Goff, G, Cincinnati Bengals

Bob Golic, DT, Cleveland Browns – OH State Champ

Mike Golic, DE, Philadelphia Eagles

Darien Gordon, PR/CB, Denver Broncos

Scottie Graham, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Tim Green, DE, Atlanta Falcons

Kelly Gregg, NT, Baltimore Ravens, 3x KS State Champ

“There are a lot of good wrestlers that come through here,” Gregg said. “Honestly, I don’t think I would still be playing now if it wasn’t for my wrestling background.” Kelly Gregg

Morlon Greenwood, OLB, Miami Dolphins

Archie Griffin, HB, Cincinnati Bengals

Nick Griesen, LB, New York Giants

Randy Grossman, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers

John Hannah, G, New England Patriots

John Hartunian

Carlton Haselrig, Pittsburgh Steelers, 3x NCAA Champ

Ron Heller, TE, Seattle Seahawks

Chad Hennings, DT, Dallas Cowboys – IA State Champ

Jay Hilgenberg, C, Chicago Bears – IA State Runner-Up

Orlando Huff, MLB, Seattle Seahawks

Corey Hulsy, G, Oakland Raiders

Steve Wisniewski, G, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders – CA State Champ

Bo Jackson, RB, Oakland Raiders

Mario Johnson, DT, New England Patriots

Dahanie Jones, LB, New York Giants

Henry Jordan, DT, Green Bay Packers

Dave Joyner, OL, Green Bay Packers

John Jurkovich*, DT, Cleveland Browns

Alex Karras, Detroit Lions

Tim Krumrie, DL, Cincinnati Bengals – WI State Champ

Ernie Ladd, DL, Kansas City Chiefs

Nick Lecky, C, – KS State Champ (in 2004 NFL Draft)

Jess Lewis, LB, Houston Oilers

Kirk Lowdermilk, OL, Minnesota Vikings

Sean Mahan, G, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Malczyk, LS, New York Giants

Joel Mackavicka, RB, Seattle Seahawks

Steve Martin, DT, Houston Texans

Mickey Marvin, RG, Oakland Raiders

Napolean McCallum, RB, Oakland Raiders

Randle McDaniel, G, Minnesota Vikings

Mark McDonald, SS, Arizona Cardinals

Chris McIntosh, T, Seattle Seahawks

Bryant McKinnie, T. Minnesota Vikings

Greg Meisner, DL, Los Angeles Rams

Matt Millen, LB, Oakland Raiders

Ronald Moore, RB, Cleveland Browns

James Mungro, HB, Indianapolis Colts

Jim Nance, FB, New England Patriots – NCAA Champ

Lorenzo Neal, FB, Tennessee Titans – NCAA Champ

Stephen Neal, OL, New England Patriots – NCAA Champ

Jeremy Newberry, C, San Francisco 49’ers

Chuck Noll, Pittsburgh Steelers – PA State Champ

Leo Nomellini, T, San Francisco 49’ers – Big 10 Champ

Jonathan Ogden*, OT, Baltimore Ravens

Irv Pankey, Los Angeles Rams – 2x MD State Champ

David Patten, WR, New England Patriots

Scott Peters, G, New York Giants

Bob Pickens, OL, Chicago Bears

Jim Plunkett, QB, Oakland Raiders

Dave Porter, T, Green Bay Packers

Mike Pyle, C, Chicago Bears – IA State Champ

Rocky Rasley, G, Detroit Lions

Mike Reid, Cincinnati Bengals

Eric Rhett, RB, Cleveland Browns – FL State Champ

Willie Roaf, OT, New Orleans Saints

Warren Sapp, DT Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Oakland Raiders – FL State Champ

Mark Schlereth, OL, Washington Redskins – Alaska State Champ

Cory Schlesinger, LB, Detroit Lions – NE State Champ

Steve Sefter, DT, Philadelphia Eagles, 2x PA State Champ & NCAA All-American

Tony Siragusa, DT, Baltimore Ravens – NJ State Champ

Fred Smerlas, Buffalo Bills – MA State Champ

Bruce Smith, DE, Washington Redskins

Brad St. Louis, TE, Cincinnati Bengals

Matt Suhey, RB, Chicago Bears

Bill Szott, OL, Washington Redskins – NJ State Champ

Dave Szott, Kansas City Chiefs – NJ State Champ

Woody Thompson, RB, Atlanta Falcons – PA State Champ

Jim Thorpe, HB, New York Giants

Mike Trgovac, DC, Carolina Panthers – OH State Champ

Kyle Turley, T, St. Louis Rams

Ryan Turnbull, RB, Cleveland Browns

Tommy Vardell, RB, San Francisco 49’ers

Adam Vinatieri, K, New England Patriots

John Ward, OL, New York Jets – NCAA All-American

Fred Weary, DB, St. Louis Rams

Charles White, HB, Los Angeles Rams

Randy White, DT, Dallas Cowboys

Cory Widmer, LB, New York Giants

Leo Wisniewski, NT, Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts – PA State Champ

Ricky Williams, RB, Miami Dolphins

Coy Wire, LB, Buffalo Bills – PA State Runner-Up

Greg Wojochowski, St. Louis Rams

Shane Olivea

Alex Stepanovich

Nick Leckey – TX State Champ

Gregory Walker – State Finalist

Jonathan Condo

Zachary Wilson

Chris Laskowski

Luis Castillo, DT, San Diego Chargers (First Round Pick)

Lincoln “Drew” Hodgdon, C, Houston Texans – CA State Champ

Nick Hardwick

Fred Weary, C, Houston Texans – AL State Champ

Coy Wire, SS, Buffalo Bills – PA State Champ

Kevin Breedlove – SC State Finalist

Kevin Sampson – NJ State Champ

Benjamin Claxton – GA State Finalist

Trevor Johnson

Clinton “C.J.” Brooks, Jr.

Tai Tupai

Leon Robinson – GA State Runner-Up

Roddy White, WR, Atlanta Falcons – 2x SC State Champ (First Round Pick)

Eric Ghiaciuc, C, Cincinatti Bengals – MI State Champ

Joey Hildbold

Adam Seward, ILB, Carolina Panthers – NV State Champ

Cody Johnson

Rodney Michael

Marques Harris – CO State Champ

Larry Turner

Andrew “Tyler” Lenda – District Champ

Tim Anderson – OH State Champ

Tony Pape

Matt Roth – IA State Champ

Mike Patterson, DT, Philadelphia Eagles (First Round Pick)

David Pollack

Tim Burrough – OK State Champ

Antoineo Harris – IL State Champ

Claude Harriott

Scott Wells – TN State Champ

Alex Lewis – District Champ

Ronnie Brown, RB, Miami Dolphins (#2 Pick)

Rodney Leisle

Nick Newton

Sean Tufts

Brian Save

Kevin Atkins

Josh Minkins – District Runner-up

Tim Euhus

Andrew Tidwell-Neal – MN State Champ

Renaldo Works

Patrick “Bucky” Babcock – IL State Champ

Morgan Pears

Art Baker, RB, Buffalo Bills