Featured Elite Athlete Q & A with Joe Yager

By: US Elite Combat Management

Professional Mix Martial Artist

Joe “Yagerbombz” Yager



Q.  How did you get into the sport of Mix Martial Arts?

A. Joey Rivera, the owner of Apex MMA, started talking to me one Saturday about 8.5 years ago, and he asked me to come in and coach the wrestling at his gym. 3 weeks in to it he said on a Friday that he had a fight for me the next day, I told him that I wasn’t interested and to offer it to someone who was. That Saturday the next day he came to my house and he wouldn’t stop bugging me about the fight, so I told him if he stopped talking that I’d go, and he did; so I went. And when the closed the cage doors and the hairs stood up on my neck, I knew this was for me!


Q. Who are you taking in the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor Fight?
A. Connor actually, unless Floyd dances all night.

Q, If you could give advice to the young athletes wanting to become a professional mix martial artist, what sport would you tell them to master?
A. I believe that wrestling is the base of the sport, but I also feel that boxing is the other base, so I would suggest mastering both
Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?
A. Randy Meier, he was my youth and high school wrestling coach, and I owe him for my athletic mind set, he has guided me for years and helped to develop me in to the athlete I am today
Q. If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?
A. Stipe Miocic, I would love to be the UFC heavyweight kingpin
Q. Do you have an upcoming fight? If not is there someone you’d like to call out ?
A. No but I’d love to fight that punk Marcus Sursa again, let’s do it pussy!!
Q. What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career?
A. That I was a tough dude and not afraid to fight anyone
Q. What is your favorite go to food when you’re not in fight camp?
A. Anything greasy!! Especially pizza ?
Q. Eating clean and healthy is a way of life for professional athletes. What is your favorite healthy dish?

A. Boiled chicken with brown rice and broccoli, but I don’t miss making 205 lbs

Q, What is your favorite meal of all time?
A. Grandma Yager’s Meatloaf

Thank you Joe for your valuable time. I know family time is very important for you, spending time with your daughter and girlfriend Jackie. Congratulations to you both on the new bundle of joy that you two are expecting.  Much Love & God Bless

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