Facebook Disabling US Elite Combat Page -Mr Zuckerberg Read

US Elite Combat,
We just got disabled on Facebook three days ago for no reason. I had my account for 10+ years also and I have my business page also. I cant get that back and all my friends and photos as well I have lost. I’m in the same boat as many Facebook users with no response just autobot responses. Facebook should be ashamed of themselves. If my Business page violated something, why are they punishing my personal page?
UFC is upset with Mix Martial Arts Management Company for posting UFC Fight Videos on their Professional Page. Weird
The fastest growing sport is largest Mix Martial Sports Organization is upset for helping the sport to grow? Weird
Yet there are no videos of Nudity, Killings, Unauthorized beatings and bullying, yet UFC is upset about short videos of the toughest athletes putting their lives on the line.
We ( US Elite Combat Management) pay to go to their  (UFC) events, pay for UFC Pay Per View Events. We even have UFC Fight Part Viewing Parties. We pay to go to Bellator and many Regional Shows. Our videos get banned when their is a DJ in the arena and music is played in the background. But there are many other companies using music in their videos. Weird
I manage a few Mix Martial Art Page sites, but for Facebook to disable the account and to keep the data/photos/videos/connections/blog posts, that is wrong. What would Facebook be if nobody uploaded content onto the site – No photos to share or tag – No articles to Like – No status updates to LOL at – It would be NOTHING. Why can’t they do automatic data dump for their customers?
Why I say customer is because WE paid for their services (Facebook) for advertising!!

My personal page I was utilizing Facebook along DNA Detectives FB Page to find my Biological Family. Being an adoptee and looking for Biological Family. Now I’ve lost all my connections of new relatives and possible connections. So Facebook thinks it’s cute to mess with peoples lives?
How many employees does Facebook have ? Well they have over 25,ooo full time employees. Not ONE can call me or email me a real response? Key executives funneling over 64 Million Dollars yet have no integrity to respond.

They have not one person who can speak to you personally or actually speak to you regarding disabling your account?
I think more Facebook users or pervious users should ban together and file a class action lawsuit.
Are there any Attorney’s out there in Facebook Land who are willing to fight the largest company out there?

Will file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau :  www.bbb.org
Case ID 12726540

I’ve sent message to Mr Zuckerberg previously asking these questions of why are there suspensions for no reason. Zero Responses.