Breaking News: De La Hoya blast Dana White- White Disrespectful

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De La Hoya blasts Dana White and let’s it be known that Dana White is disrespectful. Scheduling the Conor McGregor verus Floyd Mayweather August 26th date. Which is a few weeks before the Super Fight between Triple G vs Canelo.
Both De La Hoya who is the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions and Dana White the President and face of the UFC both are businessman. It’s all about the benjamins. Looks as if Mayweather Promotions, Showtime and conor are actually the winners. Scheduled fight is around $800 Million Dollars. Ground level tickets are over 100K, Pay per view is going to be over $100. Which will surely take a hit on the Triple GGG and Canelo fight.

De La Hoya blast UFC’s Dana White