Boxing and MMA Most Powerful Kings Facing the Best

US Elite Combat

In the World of Pro Sports I believe it is the responsibility of the Organizations and Leagues to make sure that the Best two Teams or Athletes compete. Managers are their to guide and protect them. But once you are on the throne time to get down. Time to face the best.

So regardless if they believe it’s their careers. The fans deserve to see the best go at it.

Hence the Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup. The BEST vs The BEST

Jon Jones UFC Light Heavyweight explains….

Fans who do you want to see?




Floyd Mayweather says he’ll fight anyone.

Floyd Mayweather Jr say’s Manny “You’re Next”

Leave the Shenanigans behind and do what’s right for the sport. Let the Boxing Commission pick the gloves out and run the show leave the Entourage out the picture.

The Sporting World Wants This



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