Athletes looking for representation

By US Elite Combat Management | December 08, 2014

Athletes looking for representation should reconsider who is representing them. All things are not perfect but having a person stand before you….consider. The indivdual should have integrity and respect for the athlete as well as their family. Having that Jerry Maguire attitude. To some it maybe all about “Show me the Money”. But in the long run is it?

Being a Hustler, Swindler and non ethical isn’t one of the characteristics that,  I want take to the grave with me.

Many Agents/ Managers think of ethics as a question of personal thoughts. The thought that the company could bear any responsibility for an individual’s misdeeds never enters their minds. Ethics, after all, has nothing to do with management. In fact, ethics has everything to do with management. Rarely do the character flaws of a lone athlete fully explain corporate misconduct. Ethics, then, is as much an organizational as a personal issue. Agents / Managers who fail to provide proper leadership and to institute systems that facilitate ethical conduct share responsibility with those who conceive, execute, and knowingly benefit from corporate misdeeds.

Managers must acknowledge their role in shaping organizational ethics and seize this opportunity to create a climate that can strengthen the relationships and reputations on which their companies’ success. Executives who ignore ethics run the risk of personal and corporate liability in today’s increasingly tough legal environment.

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Encourage Respect, Integrity and exemplary behavior in your sport and personal life.

Be careful who you choose to be on your side.

Do your homework, check  the individuals /companies Social Media Pages and background.

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