Americana MMA Apparel Company Offers $5000 for KO to UFC Ronda Rousey. What is UFC Code of Conduct stand

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey raised some eyebrows when she gave her candid comments on Invicta FC champ Cris Cyborg at the end of last week. Rousey ripped Cyborg for her past steroid use, but the real comments came when Rousey said, “[Cyborg’s] not even a woman anymore. She’s an ‘it.’”


The comments upset a lot of people and caused a stir on message boards and social media, and one MMA apparel company decided to show their unhappiness with Rousey.

Should UFC Fire Ronda Rousey?

Americana MMA owner Peter Giannoulis took to Twitter to offer a $5,000 cash reward for the first fighter who is able to knock out Rousey.


Giannoulis has since been ranting about the double-standard from the UFC in terms of punishment for fighter conduct outside of the octagon with some profanity laced tirades. This isn’t a Bounty this is offering $5000 for a Knockout in Sanctioned UFC Event.

This is not the first time a sponsor has offered a cash reward as a bonus for finishing a fighter. Dynamic Fasteners offered Meisha Tate $10,000 in her fight.

Where does the conduct stand. As normal Corporate Companies have Human Resource and Legal Departments. This could open up a Big Can of worms. With EEOC The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Everything has to be Fair. Dana White has to treat Ronda Rousey the same as he has to previous UFC Employees (Fighters).

Jon Jones claimed that he was hacked after allegedly making some anti-gay comments on a person’s Instagram page.

Nate Diaz flippin the bird to Benson Henderson in their fight on National TV.

Diaz Brothers throwing Gang Signs after the 1st National UFC TV exposure on Fox Sports.

Joe Rogan (UFC Announcer) Has had some close calls.

Other fighters released for bad conduct from UFC

Miguel Torres- Rape Joke on Twitter

Will Chope- Domestic Violence

Matt Mitrone -Comments regarding Fallon Fox the Transgender MMA Fighter.

Paul Daley-Slugging Koscheck after the bell. Lifetime UFC Ban

Jon Fitch & Christian Wellish- For refusal to sign and ink a agreement giving the Promotion exclusive lifetime video game rights to their names and likeness.

Matt Lindland- Putting a web address on his apparel that wasn’t “Sponsored Approved”

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